Another goal of the USUCHD is to train and educate future minority scientists that plan to reduce health disparities. Unfortunately, there often is an education disparity for many minority students such that they are underrepresented among people with advanced degrees (Masters and Doctoral level degrees) and people who are involved with science and/or medicine.

If you are studying science or medicine, or think you might like to, the USUCHD wants to help. Below is a list of USUCHD programs aimed to preparing minority individuals for graduate school, faculty positions, and a prosperous career in reducing health disparities.

icon_E_graduate_big.pngThe Graduate Advisor is our blog for minority students about how to get ahead in the sciences.

icon_E_intership_big.pngOur summer internship is designed for preparing undergraduate minority students for graduate school.

icon_E_faculty_big.pngOur faculty fellowship is for junior minority faculty who want further training in research.

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